What to share on Facebook Business Page?

What to share on Facebook Business Page?

Writer’s block?

Can’t figure out what to post on your Facebook page?

You’re not alone.

In fact, I bet if we surveyed all the fan page owners out there, they’d all admit that they are struggling with coming up with new content ideas everyday!

Below are 9 ways to generate fresh content ideas for your Facebook page.

Let’s start posting awesome content!

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  1. Give your audience “Call to Action”

Don’t be just salesy on Social Media. You are on your customers and prospects Facebook timeline ( Or want to be on)! Don’t be boring.

Ask them questions, give them links to click, videos to watch, entertain your audience with questions and humor.


  1. Educate your audience. Share industry news and informative content.

Talk about your industry in general.

There’s literally a ton of content you can share with your audience irrespective of your industry! Educate them, share tips, share fun facts, share how to’s. Share industry news and so on.


  1. Show your personality. Give some “Behind the Scene”

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to share something about you/your team. Your customer will love to see a face behind your brand.


  1. Give a Facebook exclusive offer.

Who doesn’t love a good deal or special discount?


  1. Ask your audience to share pictures and comments in posts or on your page

Share your audience’s content every once in a while.

Share testimonials, product reviews, customer using your products and so on.


  1. Share fun stuff too. Make them laugh!

You can keep Sunday for non-business stuff. Share a cute puppy picture or funny meme you saw recently. Give proper credits obviously!


  1. Invest in Videos

Videos are sooo important these days. Hire a professional and have at least 5-10 videos ready with your brand and products or services ready. You can use them for all the social media channels, paid ads and website too.


  1. Be responsive. Answer questions.

Respond to your audience questions, suggestions, feedback and also criticism. People use Social Media for Customer service and Community management too.


  1. Share Content from other local businesses and network.

Every once in a while you can share posts from other Facebook pages (obviously not competitors!)



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  1. I’m glad I read this! I’m always racking my brain to find good content to post, but this list gives enough ideas to keep things interesting!

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